India’s Chief of Army Staff, Gen Manoj Pande, Highlights National Security and Strategic Imperatives at IIM Nagpur

Addressing a distinguished audience at IIM Nagpur, Gen Manoj Pande, Chief of the Army Staff, emphasized the critical link between a nation’s prosperity and its national security paradigm. He defined national security as safeguarding a nation’s independence, integrity, and sovereignty against both external and internal threats while fostering political, economic, and social growth.


Gen Pande underscored the multifaceted dimensions of national security, encompassing economic, energy, food, health, and environmental security, among others. He emphasized that a nation’s rise is intricately tied to the continuous increase in its Comprehensive National Power (CNP), a blend of strategic, economic, diplomatic, and technological strengths.


Highlighting the symbiotic relationship between security and economic progress, Gen Pande stressed that a secure environment fosters stability for investments, leading to economic growth. However, he cautioned against an overly militarized approach, citing its potential to hinder economic development.


Expressing alignment with India’s vision to emerge as a developed nation, Gen Pande outlined imperatives for the Indian Army. He emphasized the need to comprehend the evolving geopolitical landscape marked by unprecedented change, economic primacy, and a return to conflict to achieve political and military objectives.


The Chief of Army Staff detailed the transformations in the character of war due to disruptive technologies, multi-domain operations, cyber dominance, and the emergence of grey zone aggression. He raised thought-provoking questions on the relevance of traditional deterrence paradigms in the face of technological advancements.


Despite historical challenges, Gen Pande articulated India’s economic growth, diplomatic strides, and technological advancements. He stressed the country’s responsible and non-threatening rise while asserting the importance of self-reliance in bolstering defence capabilities.


In assessing threats and challenges, he highlighted legacy border issues, the weaponization of space, cyber threats, and grey zone pursuits by adversaries. He emphasised the criticality of correctly assessing future threats for strategic planning and preparedness.


Moreover, Gen Pande emphasized the significance of synergy and outreach with other government agencies, global outreach through military diplomacy, and the Army’s contribution to infrastructure development and nation-building initiatives.


The address underscored the complexities of contemporary security challenges and the Indian Army’s commitment to safeguarding national interests through a balanced and forward-looking approach.



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