Indian Navy’s P8I Aircraft Participates in Exercise Kakadu

A P8I Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft of the Indian Navy participated in the Multinational Maritime Exercise Kakadu 2022 hosted by Royal Australian Navy in Darwin from 12 to 25 September 2022, along with INS Satpura. The exercise saw the participation of 34 aircraft from over 20 nations.

The maiden participation of the P8I provided an enhanced exposure to the aircrew, augmenting the understanding of the varied nuances of collaborative Anti-Submarine and Anti-Surface Warfare operations in a complex multi-threat scenario.

The seamless operations conducted by P8I in consonance with the exercise theme ‘Partnership, Leadership, Friendship’ along with USN and RAAF P8s enabled the refining of joint SOPs and enhance interoperability and reaffirm the Indian Navy’s commitment to the Indo-Pacific.



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