India Selects Navy Rafale as Latest-Generation Fighter

(Saint-Cloud, France, July 14, 2023) – The Indian Government announced its decision to select the Navy Rafale as the latest-generation fighter for the Indian Navy. This announcement comes after a successful trial campaign conducted in India, during which the Navy Rafale demonstrated its full compliance with the operational requirements of the Indian Navy, particularly its suitability for aircraft carrier operations.

The Navy Rafale, selected through an international competition initiated by Indian authorities, will eventually join the 36 Rafale aircraft already in service with the Indian Air Force. The Indian Air Force has been highly satisfied with the performance of the existing Rafale fleet, making India the first country to operate both versions of the aircraft, thereby consolidating its air superiority and maritime capabilities while ensuring its sovereignty.

This decision reaffirms the outstanding quality of the Rafale aircraft and highlights the exceptional bond between Dassault Aviation and the Indian Forces. It also underscores the strategic relationship between India and France.

“On the occasion of our 70th anniversary of partnership with the Indian Forces, I extend my gratitude to the Indian authorities for their continued confidence in Dassault Aviation. We assure the Indian Navy that we will fully meet their expectations with the Rafale,” stated Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation.

The selection of the Navy Rafale not only signifies India’s commitment to enhancing its naval capabilities but also reinforces the strong defence ties between India and France. The Rafale has established its reputation as a highly capable and versatile fighter aircraft, equipped with advanced technologies and superior performance characteristics.

With this decision, India further strengthens its naval fleet by incorporating the Navy Rafale, ensuring its readiness for future challenges and operational requirements. The strategic partnership between India and France continues to flourish, exemplified by the successful collaboration on the Rafale program.

As the Indian Navy prepares to introduce the Navy Rafale into its fleet, the aircraft’s advanced capabilities and cutting-edge technologies will undoubtedly contribute to enhancing India’s maritime defence capabilities, safeguarding its national interests, and maintaining stability in the region.



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