EURENCO Announces the Acquisition of MANUCO

The EURENCO Group announces the acquisition of the entirety of MANUCO, a company specialising in the manufacture of high-performance energetic nitrocellulose and the signing of a 5-year supply contract with the Maxam Group.

MANUCO develops, manufactures and supplies energetic nitrocellulose for the defence and civilian industries (mainly hunting powders). With more than 50 references in all product qualities and a high production capacity MANUCO provides global service and technical support to customers in more than 20 countries worldwide. It employs 76 people and has sales of 17 million euros.

For Chairman of MANUCO, Bruce IEHL, this acquisition is “a great opportunity for MANUCO’s industrial and commercial development. It will allow us to develop our industrial tool to meet the growing needs of the market while maintaining the same philosophy of close collaboration between our customers and our MANUCO team.”

For Chairman and CEO of the EURENCO Group, Thierry Francou, “this acquisition marks a new milestone in EURENCO’s growth strategy. It will enable us to meet the increasing demand from MANUCO’s customers and to secure the supply of nitrocellulose used in many of EURENCO’s products.”

EURENCO Announces the Acquisition of MANUCO




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