Diehl Defence Acquires Precision Parts Manufacturer Allweier

Diehl Defence, a prominent figure in Germany’s defence industry and the primary industrial employer in the western Lake Constance district is set to acquire Allweier, a precision parts manufacturer based in Überlingen, effective January 1, 2024. Under the name “DD Präzisionsteile GmbH & Co KG,” Diehl Defence will operate Allweier’s existing business as an independent unit.


This acquisition by Diehl Defence follows Allweier Group’s insolvency proceedings, during which Diehl Defence emerged as the buyer from a pool of multiple applicants. This move ensures job security for approximately 160 individuals currently employed by Allweier in Überlingen. The incorporation of Allweier into Diehl Defence’s framework not only safeguards employment but also augments Diehl Defence’s production capacity while providing a fresh source of supply for their current product range. Allweier specializes in manufacturing high-precision metal parts across various industrial sectors, including components compatible with numerous Diehl Defence products, such as guided missiles.


Helmut Rauch, CEO of Diehl Defence, expressed that this acquisition aligns seamlessly with their growth strategy, guaranteeing employment in Überlingen and presenting new opportunities for Allweier Group’s employees. He highlighted the collaborative efforts involving all stakeholders, including the insolvency administrator “Schleich & Partner,” in achieving a forward-looking solution.


Diehl Defence is currently experiencing substantial growth, projecting continual increases in production, sales, and workforce in the forthcoming years. This expansion aims to further fortify Diehl Defence’s position as a leading German system house in air defence. By integrating Allweier, Diehl Defence anticipates leveraging the expertise of skilled employees and bolstering its supply chain.


The takeover of Allweier is part of Diehl Defence’s ongoing commitment to fortify its local presence and secure its operations. Previous initiatives include constructing a new warehouse and logistics building at Diehl Defence’s Überlingen headquarters in 2021/2022. Additionally, in October 2023, the company acquired land to develop a new administration building in the coming years, further cementing its commitment to the region’s stability and growth.



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