Brazil Selects Safran’s Paseo XLR Sight for New Frigates

Safran’s Paseo XLR (eXtra Long Range) optronic (electro-optical) sight has been chosen by the Aguas Azuis consortium for Brazil’s new Tamandaré class frigates. The Brazilian navy will take delivery of four frigates, each displacing 3,500 metric tons, starting in 2026. They will each be fitted with two PASEO XLR sights.

Paseo XLR incorporates modules from Safran’s airborne Euroflir optronic systems, in particular high-definition sensors coupled with a multispectral telescope, to identify threats on the horizon.

A press note from Safran stated, “Paseo XLR is also capable of detecting small craft hard to detect by conventional radar systems because they’re close to the sea surface and often made of composite materials which are transparent to radar waves. These characteristics make the Paseo XLR sight especially useful under asymmetric warfare conditions, where first-rate ships may operate near coastlines and could be surrounded by small craft with unknown intentions.”

This extra long-range sight will enhance the Brazilian navy’s ability to cope with both conventional and asymmetric threats by increasing the safety zone around ships. As part of the ship’s self-protection system, Paseo XLR will detect and identify various threats, even in rough seas, at high speeds and under in degraded visual environments. It also supports day/night fire control of these ships’ main gun.

The first two Paseo XLR sights will be delivered to the Aguas Azuis consortium in Brazil at the beginning of 2023. Safran Electronics & Defense Brazil, a subsidiary of Safran Electronics & Defense, will provide customer support services, including spare parts and repairs.





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