Army Conducts Integrated Fire Power & Manoeuvre Exercise at Ahmednagar

In an impressive display of capabilities of mechanised warfare platforms in the arsenal of Indian Mechanised Forces, the Integrated Fire Power & Manoeuvre Exercise that concluded at Kharjuna Khare (KK) Ranges near Ahmednagar on 28 January 2023 showcased effective man-machine integration as part of conventional assured response strategy in an integrated and networked battlefield. The exercise included all tracked platforms, viz T-90 Bhishma, T-72 Ajeya. MBT Arjun, BMP-II, Carrier Mortar Tracked, Attack and Utility Helicopters, fixed wing assets of the Air Force and Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance platforms. It was witnessed by officers undergoing Defence Services Staff Course, Defence Service Technical Staff Courses & an officers’ delegation from Nepali Army.

The innovative manoeuvres in a simulated battlefield environment by composite combat entities capable of leveraging new age technologies were showcased by Armoured Corps Centre & School and Mechanised Infantry Centre & School, which are premier training institutions of the Indian Army. These institutions focus on honing skill sets of personnel of our Mechanised Forces and numerous friendly foreign countries in the two streams of Tactics and Operational Art alongwith Mechanised Warfare Technology.



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