Airbus Begins Testing Of Pléiades Neo

The first two Airbus-built Pléiades Neo imaging satellites have started comprehensive environmental testing to ensure they are ready for in-orbit operation.

During the test, satellites will be subjected to extreme temperatures and vacuum, vibration and acoustic noise, as well as electromagnetic interference. This will ensure that they are capable of withstanding harsh conditions which they have to experience during their launch and their mission in orbit.

These first two new generation very high-resolution satellites are on schedule for launch as planned in mid-2020. They will join the already world leading Airbus constellation of optical and radar satellites, improving both the revisit and resolution capacities, the offcial press release of Airbus read.

Entirely funded, manufactured, owned and operated by Airbus, Pléiades Neo will provide institutional and commercial customers with high-level insights for the next 12 years.


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