ZeroAvia Secures Conditional Order for 20 ZA600 Hydrogen-Electric Engines from MEHAIR to Propel Sustainable Regional Aviation in India

ZeroAvia, a leader in hydrogen-electric aviation, proudly announces a significant milestone with a conditional order from MEHAIR (Maritime Energy Heli Air Services Pvt Ltd.) for up to 20 ZA600 hydrogen-electric engines. This strategic collaboration aims to drive the retrofit of MEHAIR’s fleet of 10 Cessna Caravan aircraft, fostering cleaner and more sustainable flight operations across a range of sub-regional routes in India.


MEHAIR, a historic operator providing services in the Indian sub-continent since 2011, is poised for ambitious growth, exploring both amphibian and wheeled aircraft for its expanding fleet. The partnership with ZeroAvia signifies MEHAIR’s commitment to leveraging hydrogen fuel cell propulsion to achieve lower operating costs and zero-emission flights.


The order complements the over 2,000 engine pre-orders previously secured by ZeroAvia, showcasing the growing demand for hydrogen-electric aviation solutions. MEHAIR plans to assess various financing options for the acquisition and retrofit of the ZA600 engines, including potential leasing partners, with MONTE already established as the preferred ZA600 lessor partner.


James Peck, Chief Customer Officer at ZeroAvia, emphasized the importance of clean flight technology in supporting economic growth while ensuring progress toward net-zero goals. He stated, “Hydrogen fuel cell propulsion can offer lower operating costs and zero-emission flight, driving a rapid increase in regional aviation and support dramatic expansion of MEHAIR’s operations.”


Siddharth Verma, Managing Director of MEHAIR, highlighted the significance of the partnership, saying, “Partnering with ZeroAvia and adopting hydrogen-electric engines aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly aviation. This initiative not only supports our growth plans but also contributes to India’s ambitious clean energy goals.”


ZeroAvia plans to certify the ZA600 by the end of 2025, collaborating closely with regulatory authorities globally to ensure a harmonized and efficient certification process. The initiative aligns with India’s broader vision to incorporate hydrogen as a key element in achieving a cleaner energy future, particularly in challenging sectors like aviation. MEHAIR’s commitment to hydrogen-electric aviation reflects its dedication to providing a seamless network of runways and waterways, enhancing passenger experiences, and boosting economic development.


The partnership between ZeroAvia and MEHAIR signifies a significant step forward in advancing sustainable regional aviation in India, contributing to the global transition towards cleaner and greener air travel.




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