IN and Space Applications Centre (ISRO) Sign an MoU on Satellite Based Naval Applications in Oceanology and Meteorology

Indian Navy on August 5 signed an MoU with the Space Applications Centre (ISRO), Ahmedabad on data sharing and cooperation on satellite-based naval applications in Oceanology and Meteorology.

With this initiative, both the organisations will have a common platform of cooperation, wherein the scientific advancements by SAC would be synergised into the Indian naval efforts to keep the nation’s defence in step with rapid development in the field of Satellite Data retrieval and applications. This MoU is an extension of previous MoU signed in 2017 and will further the collaboration between two organisations.

The broad area of cooperation includes sharing of non-confidential observational data, operation exploitation of SAC generated weather products and provisioning of Subject Matter Experts (SME) towards processing of satellite data towards development of new tools, calibration and validation of ocean models.

In a press note the Navy stated that the MoU was signed by SAC and the Indian Navy to further meaningful interactions and professional exchanges in future.



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