ROSOBORONEXPORT Launches Global Marketing Campaign for Tuning Parts for Small Arms

Joint Stock Company ROSOBORONEXPORT, a part of the Rostec State Corporation, has initiated a global marketing campaign for a diverse range of tuning parts designed for both civilian and service small arms.


Alexander Mikheev, Director General of JSC ROSOBORONEXPORT, stated, “Our export catalogue encompasses a comprehensive selection of tuning parts aimed at enhancing the ergonomics, accuracy, reliability, and functionality of small arms. With over 10 configurations available for most Russian weapon models, we cater to the specific requirements of customers, including law enforcement agencies, private security firms, athletes, and hunters.” He further highlighted the positive reception of their products by specialists from the National Guard, Ministry of Defence, and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.


The range of products offered includes muzzle brakes, muzzle devices, forearms, bipods, grips, brackets, receiver covers with Picatinny rails, pistol grips, butts, and magazines. Russian manufacturers have also developed adapters, clamps, and specialized tools to facilitate their installation. Notably, production facilities for these parts are located in Russia, ensuring independence from foreign supplies. Among the manufacturers whose products are included in ROSOBORONEXPORT’s offerings are the Kalashnikov Group, PUFGUN, Zenitka, and Rotor-43 companies.


Tuning legacy small arms allows for the integration of modern optical devices to enhance visibility in conditions of limited visibility or over long distances. Russian manufacturers produce a comprehensive range of optical devices, including red dot sights, daytime sights, shooting glasses, monoculars, night vision scope attachments, thermal imagers, and thermal imaging attachments. ROSOBORONEXPORT has a successful track record in promoting optics manufactured by Shvabe, Infratech, and Dedal in the global market.


Additionally, ROSOBORONEXPORT offers various tactical devices tailored to customize firearms for individual shooters, such as flashlights, laser designators, and remote control buttons. These devices are designed to aid aiming using night vision equipment and illuminate spaces in low-light conditions, thereby enhancing readiness. Features like fire selectors, safeties, and operating handles further improve the ergonomics and effectiveness of the weapon.


All tuning parts have been developed in collaboration with weapon operators, considering real-world usage scenarios. Manufacturers have incorporated feedback received directly from the battlefield to ensure that the parts meet modern requirements for ergonomics, performance, and operational characteristics.



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