Naval Group Deepens Partnership with Greek Industry

Contributing to naval and industrial autonomy in Greece as part of the FDI frigates for the Hellenic Navy programme, Naval Group designed a robust Hellenic Industrial Participation plan to develop new capacities in the Hellenic industry, sustaining highly qualified jobs and generating long-term economic spin-offs in Greece.

This commitment goes beyond the frigates programme. Naval Group is committed to building strong and long-term partnerships to support the Hellenic Navy and to contribute in the development of the naval warfare capabilities of the Hellenic Industry.

In this regard, the Group signed seven contracts with several Hellenic industrial partners among which: For the Platform: SALAMIS SHIPYARDS, MEVACO and METKA. For the Combat System: AKMON, MAREL (via THEMYS, Naval Group’s original equipment manufacturer), and SIMON TECHNOLOGIES (via THEMYS) Naval Group is particularly proud to announce that significant parts of the FDI, hull blocks, will be produced in Greece by SALAMIS SHIPYARDS.

In addition, Naval Group also signed three framework agreements with MILTECH, PRISMA and IDE INTRACOM paving the way to future contracts and long-term partnerships.

So far, Naval Group has signed about 20 contracts in total with fifteen Greek companies since the start of the FDI HN program in March 2022.

In addition, all qualified Greek companies will integrate Naval Group’s supply chain and have the possibility to participate to other programmes and future international tenders, thus increasing their capabilities as well as their potential economic benefit and visibility on the worldwide naval market.

Enhancing cooperation between French and Hellenic industries Beyond Naval Group, the FDI programme supports the investment in Greece of several French naval companies to develop partnerships with Greek industry, creating added-value and jobs for decades to come. The FDI programme already fostered the rapprochement of the two naval sectors with the GICAN and SEKPY by signing a partnership agreement in February 2020.

As an example, the contracts with MAREL and SIMON TECHNOLOGIES are made via THEMYS, a French subcontractor of Naval Group, which will outsource part of its production in Greece. This shows that the cooperation with the Hellenic industry is not only supported by Naval Group but also by the whole FDI France naval ecosystem.

Furthermore, some of the contracts signed are not only related to the FDI HN programme such as the one with VIKING NORSAFE HELLAS which will produce RHIBs (Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boats) of the FDI for Hellenic Navy and also for other export programs. This demonstrates Naval Group’s trust in its Greek partners which the company considers as long-term partners with whom it is working to build the future of the Hellenic and French naval industries.

In this approach, Naval Group carries out also “On Job Trainings” in favour of Greek companies to enhance their capabilities, in a perspective of long-term cooperation on strategic products that require advanced skills on the state-of-art project.



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