Modernised Sights Enhance Leclerc Tank’s Capabilities

Nexter, a company of KNDS, and Safran Electronics & Defense have been informed by the French MOD’s procurement and technology agency (DGA) of a contract for the modernization of the sights of the renovated Leclerc tank (Leclerc XLR).


The “observation” function of the Leclerc XLR has been brought to the latest standard, notably thanks to the PASEO sight, to meet the most severe requirements of the modern battlefield.


The temporary company grouping (GME) comprising Nexter, a company of KNDS, and Safran Electronics & Defense has been notified by the DGA of a contract for the development and integration of the new sights for the tank commander and gunner. These sights are the two main observation and engagement systems of the Leclerc tank, allowing the crew to detect, identify, and target an object several kilometres away before engaging it. These sights benefit from the latest optronic and inertial technologies, drawing on over 30 years of expertise from Safran Electronics & Defense and the global references of the PASEO sight.


Following technical negotiations with the DGA teams, Nexter and Safran Electronics & Defense have strengthened the “observation” function in light of the new threats on the battlefield. The optronic core of the Leclerc tank’s weapon system has been digitized to increase the data flow and provide high-quality images in all conditions. The analogue video system of the Leclerc tank has been replaced by a digital video system. The gunner’s sight has been modernized with the latest generation of optronic sensors and new electronics. Meanwhile, the commander’s sight has been replaced by a latest-generation PASEO sight designed for panoramic observation and engagement in all conditions. The PASEO family already provides the same functions on the armoured vehicle JAGUAR. For the commander’s scope, OPT-Sys, a company of KNDS, provided the digital monocular that served as the interface between the tank commander and the PASEO sight.


Equipped with SCORPION vetronics, reinforced protection, a new remotely operated turret, and these latest-generation sights, the Leclerc XLR will be able to face all threats until their successors enter service. These Leclerc XLR tanks have been in production since the beginning of 2023, and all of these tanks will be delivered with their modernized sights by 2035.



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