Meprolight Celebrates Sale of Tens of Thousands of MEPRO MOR Sights to South American Nation

Israel, 26th October 2023 – Meprolight (1990) Ltd., a distinguished member of the SK Group founded by Mr. Samy Katsav, and a leading manufacturer of electro-optical systems, thermal and night vision equipment, along with self-illuminated sights for military, law enforcement, and civilian applications, has proudly announced a significant sale of its MEPRO MOR sights to a South American nation.


The MEPRO MOR sights represent a technological marvel, seamlessly integrating three vital functions into a single sophisticated product – serving as a battery-free passive reflector sight, a visible pointer, and an invisible IR pointer. This revolutionary solution not only brings substantial cost savings by consolidating three distinct sights into one but also enhances mission flexibility, making it an invaluable asset.


Thanks to its battery-free reticle system, the MEPRO MOR ensures precise, swift, and instinctive firing under all circumstances, without the need to power on the sight. Even in situations where the sight is turned off or lacks batteries, its light-collecting fiber-optic and tritium capsule guarantee full-day and night reticle availability.


Crafted to meet IDF specifications, the MEPRO sights feature a 30mm diameter lens, facilitating rapid and effortless target acquisition with both eyes open. This capability proves invaluable for close-range firing in urban and CQB scenarios, as well as for engagements at extended distances in open terrain and under adverse environmental conditions and combat stress.


Golan Kalimi, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Defense, commented, “The MEPRO MOR sights are the outcome of fruitful collaboration with the IDF and have been in active service globally, including in India, for several years. Its ability to endure challenging conditions, from extreme heat and humidity to supporting users in remote locations, holds immense significance, particularly in a vast country like India. We take immense pride in its continued operational deployment by the IDF, where it consistently demonstrates outstanding performance in all environmental conditions. The recently secured contract with the South American state serves as further validation of the unwavering reliability of MEPRO MOR sights, solidifying its trust among various armed forces worldwide.”

Meprolight Celebrates Sale of Tens of Thousands of MEPRO MOR Sights to South American Nation



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