MBDA’s Marte ER Integration Marks Success in Romania

MBDA has sealed a pivotal contract with IAR Brasov to facilitate the integration of the Marte ER onto a maritime helicopter platform for the Romanian Naval Forces, leveraging the Airbus H215M platform.


The Marte ER’s exceptional performance will equip the Romanian Navy with cutting-edge capabilities for anti-surface warfare missions, bolstering Romania’s ability to safeguard its sovereign interests effectively. This agreement signifies a significant milestone in the collaboration between MBDA and the Romanian Armed Forces.


Arnaud Rousset, Vice-President Europe at MBDA, emphasized MBDA’s commitment to reinforcing Europe’s decisive defence capabilities as the continent’s premier provider of complex weapon systems. He expressed pride in contributing to the strategic autonomy of the Romanian Armed Forces and reaffirmed MBDA’s dedication to serving as a reliable partner, offering a comprehensive portfolio tailored to meet both current and future needs.


MBDA will collaborate closely with IAR Brasov, Airbus, and other stakeholders to achieve seamless integration of the Marte ER at the mission system level.


This contract underscores the continued success of the multiplatform Marte family of missiles, already integrated across various platforms for the Italian Armed Forces and numerous export customers.


The Marte ER stands as the pinnacle of this missile family’s evolution, boasting capabilities designed to excel in all weather conditions and deliver lethal effects at ranges exceeding 100km. Its highly flexible mission profile encompasses automatic and manual waypoints, salvo firing, and precision attacks on land coordinates, complemented by specialized methods for countering ships’ hard and soft-kill defences.



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