KNDS Deutschland and GDELS Introduce AGM on PIRANHA HMC

KNDS Deutschland and General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) have unveiled the AGM on the Piranha Heavy Mission Carrier at this year’s Future Artillery Conference in Paris. This innovative solution integrates the fully automated, unmanned 155 mm (cal. 52) artillery gun module (AGM) from KNDS Deutschland with the recently introduced PIRANHA HMC from GDELS.


The AGM on PIRANHA HMC offers exceptional tactical mobility with superior artillery firepower, boasting a gross vehicle weight of up to 40t and a turning circle of less than 18m due to its four-axle steering capability. Operable by a crew of two without constraints, the vehicle provides ample space for an optional third crew member or additional storage. With a 360° effective azimuth, the AGM can be fired on the move, eliminating the need for vertical prop-ups during firing.


Featuring a robust 10×10 multi-link chassis, the AGM ensures comprehensive autonomy in command, navigation, and fire control, enabling new operational capabilities through system-related stability and intelligent robotics. The system’s “Shoot & Scoot” and MRSI (Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact) capabilities, along with its ability to target moving land and sea targets both indirectly and directly, highlight its outstanding artillery capabilities.



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