KNDS Affirms Ambitions in Belgium with New Managing Director Appointment

KNDS, a prominent defense company, has confirmed its ambitions in Belgium with the appointment of Christophe Monnier as the managing director for its operations in the country. As the first managing director for KNDS in a European country, Monnier will play a crucial role in establishing the group’s strategy locally and advising on development opportunities.


Mecar, a company of KNDS with a presence in Belgium since 1938, is a major supplier of ammunition to the Belgian army. With over 200 employees, the company aims to expand its activities into systems and support while leveraging its expertise in ammunition. In 2022, Mecar achieved sales of €100 million, and it is on track to achieve the same figure in 2023.


Mecar’s significance extends to its involvement in the CaMo program, where it plays a vital role in various activities. Additionally, the company is assisting the Belgian Ministry of Defence in supporting Ukraine.


Christophe Monnier, the appointed managing director, is a recognized expert with extensive experience. With a background in organic and macromolecular chemistry and an Executive MBA from ESSEC business school, Monnier has held prominent positions in various organizations before becoming Managing Director of Mecar in May 2019. His appointment reaffirms KNDS and Mecar’s commitment to growing their presence and capabilities in Belgium’s defense sector.



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