ISS Aerospace Unveils Next-Generation Tactical UAV, WASP M4-TL

ISS Aerospace, a prominent UK innovator in Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS), is proud to introduce the WASP M4-TL tactical UAS, designed for time-critical missions.


WASP, representing the next evolution in semi-autonomous aerial systems, offers unparalleled flexibility and cost-effective enhancements for various applications, including critical detector and effector missions in defense and security.


Ryan Kempley, CEO and Founder of ISS Aerospace, stated, “WASP has benefitted from substantial in-house R&D and is now a viable prototype, ready for rapid deployment.”


The WASP and ISS Aerospace’s SENSUS UAS range will be showcased at DSEI, Excel London, from 12 to 15 September 2023 (DSEI stand H2-894).


The WASP is man-portable and can be deployed in less than 3 seconds. The launcher can be operated manually or remotely if mounted on a vehicle, infrastructure, or ship. Following an initial rocket launch, the platform transitions to conventional multi-rotor flight. Depending on the mission, the entire system is reusable and can be stored for extended periods while remaining ready for swift deployment.


The UAS is equipped with a high-performance gimbal-mounted EO/IR camera with a range finder, along with a modular payload system of up to 1.5kg. The payload can be accurately delivered up to 24km. Robust communications facilitate critical decision-making through real-time imagery sharing and control hand-over options. The powerful onboard computing and open system architecture allow for extensive payload integration and interoperability. Effector payloads will be developed in collaboration with partners.


The WASP demonstrates the capability for swarming and serves a broad spectrum of operational purposes, including:


Multi-domain situational awareness and threat assessment

Acting as a loitering platform for Counter-small Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-sUAS), ground, or maritime force protection missions

Delivering urgent medical supplies for life preservation

ISS Aerospace holds the patent for this concept and can tailor the system to meet specific client requirements. The development and exploitation of WASP for defense and security applications will be managed under license by UK-based ISSOS Technologies Ltd.


Ryan Kempley, CEO and Founder of ISS Aerospace, expressed enthusiasm about the prospects for WASP, stating, “The system offers such broad applications and clear tactical advantages that we envisage substantial interest in its further development and exploitation.”


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