Israel Aerospace Industries Signs 20-Year Contract with Czech Ministry of Defence for Maintenance and Sustainability of MMR Radars

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) have recently inked a significant contract with the Czech Ministry of Defense, solidifying a partnership aimed at ensuring the sustainability and maintenance of MMR (Multi-Mission Radar) systems. This landmark agreement encompasses a duration of 20 years and is set to bolster the aerial situational awareness capabilities of the Czech Republic.


The contract, sealed in a signing ceremony held at the Czech Ministry of Defence, represents a collaborative effort between IAI and local Czech companies RETIA and VTU. Through this partnership, Czech entities will assume responsibility as local subcontractors, overseeing a diverse array of processes integral to the upkeep and functionality of the MMR radar systems.


Eyal Shapira, Vice President and General Manager of the Air Defense & Naval Systems division at IAI ELTA, underscored the significance of this partnership. He emphasized how the MMR radar, a cornerstone of Israel’s defense apparatus, has consistently demonstrated unparalleled accuracy and precision, safeguarding countless lives over the years. Shapira expressed pride in the extensive cooperation achieved with local Czech companies, citing the mutual benefits derived from knowledge and technology sharing.


The MMR radar stands as a pinnacle of operational excellence, capable of simultaneously executing a multitude of missions. From air defense against conventional aircraft to thwarting unmanned aerial vehicles and drones, the MMR radar excels in identifying and neutralizing a spectrum of threats, including missile barrages, rockets, and other emerging hazards. Notably, this radar system serves as the nerve center of advanced air defense systems like the Barak, Iron Dome, and David’s Sling, with over 200 systems deployed worldwide.


Drawing upon its operational experience in Israel, the MMR radar offers unparalleled capabilities, furnishing users with comprehensive air defense and situational awareness. Moreover, its interoperability with NATO systems ensures seamless integration within broader defense frameworks, further enhancing collective security.


This collaboration between Israel Aerospace Industries and the Czech Ministry of Defence signifies a shared commitment to bolstering national security and safeguarding citizens. With the MMR radar at its core, the Czech Republic is poised to leverage cutting-edge technology to mitigate threats and uphold peace and stability in the region.

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