India Joins Trans Regional Maritime Network

The membership will give India an edge in countering criminal activities across the Indian Ocean Region

India on December 10 signed an ascension agreement to the 30-member Trans Regional Maritime Network (T-RMN), a move that will give the country access to information about ships passing through the Indian Ocean Region, the Indian Navy has said.

“India today signed Ascension Agreement to the Trans Regional Maritime Network (T-RMN). The multilat construct comprises 30 countries & is steered by Italy. Cmde KM Ramakrishnan signed the agreement at Rome in Italian Naval Hq on behalf of Indian Navy,” tweeted the Indian Navy spokesperson.

The exchange of information takes place through the maritime traffic monitoring systems of each member country, within the system, and the information is shared mutually to ensure pre-emptive and prompt response to any exigency.

This is a significant move as it will help the Indian Navy keep a watch over the vast Indian Ocean and boost maritime security of the country. India is part of several such agreements, which help the nations to coordinate and share information to keep tabs on suspicious activities and illegal trade across the oceans.


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