IAI Completes Conversion of 100th B767-300 Aircraft

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has completed the conversion of the 100th B767-300 aircraft. This, the company believes, highlights IAI’s leading role in the cargo conversion industry for over four decades, and is a testament to IAI’s advanced capabilities, robust pace, and expanding capacity to provide customers worldwide with the most optimal freighter solution. The 100th B767-300 freighter was converted at IAI’s cargo conversion facility in Tel Aviv, Israel, prior to being delivered to the customer.

IAI began operating the B767-300 conversion line in Israel in 2007 together with M&B Conversions, a joint venture with Mitsui, and received the STC (Supplementary Type Certificate) in 2009. In 2017, IAI opened an additional B767-300 conversion facility in Mexico, increasing operations to meet global demand for the converted widebody aircraft. The converted B767-300 aircraft provides a competitive and cost-effective solution for customers seeking to increase their cargo fleet, and as air cargo traffic doubles in the next two decades and e-commerce continues rising, IAI will continue providing the best solution on the market.

IAI President and CEO, Boaz Levy said, “The completion and delivery of the 100th converted B767-300 aircraft marks an incredible milestone for IAI. Building on over four decades of experience developing and producing cargo conversions, IAI has once again proven that it is at the forefront of the industry. I would like to thank our partners at M&B Conversions, an IAI and Mitsui joint venture, for playing an important role in developing and marketing the B767-300 converted freighters. IAI will continue working with valuable partners across the world to meet the increasing global demand for converted freighters, ensure customer satisfaction, and maintain our cargo conversions at the forefront of the industry.”

In addition to converting the B767-300 model, IAI has a number of cargo conversion lines across the world for other models and is expanding operations to increase capacity in light of growing customer orders. Just last year, IAI announced that it will open new cargo conversion facilities for the B777-300 aircraft in Ethiopia, Italy, UAE, South Korea, and China, in partnership with local companies. IAI’s Aviation Group is a leader in developing and producing advanced composite materials technologies, avionic structures, and assemblies. It offers a dedicated line for making F-35 outer wing boxes and their skins.




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