HENSOLDT Successfully Integrates NH90 and TIGER Helicopters into Advanced Data Link Network for ‘Timber Express 2023’ Exercise

HENSOLDT, a leading sensor solution provider, has achieved a significant milestone by integrating NH90 and TIGER helicopters into a state-of-the-art data link network as part of the “Timber Express 2023” exercise conducted by the German Armed Forces.


During the exercise, HENSOLDT utilized the EUA OPTARION mission support system to connect multiple flying platforms seamlessly. This included NH90 and TIGER helicopters, along with other aircraft such as the Tornado multi-role combat aircraft and the 2000 self-propelled howitzer. Notably, this integration was accomplished without necessitating any modifications to the respective aircraft.


One noteworthy aspect of this achievement was the continuous synchronization of data with the Bundeswehr’s new command information system. This level of interoperability is a crucial advancement, allowing various platforms to share situational information effectively.


Alex Irmscher, Program Manager for Ground Stations at HENSOLDT, highlighted the significance of the mission support system, stating, “With the mission support system, we are able to integrate both existing and new platforms into the armed forces’ digital command and control network without any changes to the aircraft.”


This successful demonstration marks the third instance of showcasing the capabilities of the EUA OPTARION during the “Timber Express” exercises. The system acts as a critical link between reconnaissance and operational elements, facilitating the digital communication of relevant data along the sensor-to-effector chain. This seamless interaction forms the foundation for efficient command and control, enabling the deployment of armed forces within an interoperable information and communication network.


HENSOLDT continues to collaborate with the Army Air Corps and the German Air Force, aiming to advance command and control capabilities for airborne systems, ensuring their operational integration during exercises and beyond.



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