Experimentation of the First Digital Twin Demonstrator for a Ground Combat System

The French Ministry of Defense’s procurement and technology agency (DGA), in collaboration with its Defense Innovation Agency (AID), has awarded the KNDS-ARQUUS consortium the responsibility to conduct experimentation on the first digital twin demonstrator for a ground combat system.


This groundbreaking initiative marks a significant advancement in military technology, with the development of a digital twin demonstrator tailored specifically for a ground combat vehicle. The project, named “Digitization of maintenance” (NumCo), aims to create and test a digital twin of the VBCI infantry fighting vehicle, heralding a new era in ground combat systems.


Through the integration of cutting-edge modelling and simulation capabilities, the collaborative efforts of KNDS and ARQUUS will pave the way for the establishment of a virtual twin of the VBCI vehicle. This digital twin will play a pivotal role in supporting engineering and maintenance activities for the industry, the DGA, and the Army.


The NumCo project leverages the expertise and experience accumulated by the KNDS-ARQUUS consortium, particularly through their involvement in the European Commission’s FAMOUS defence industrial development program. These innovative technological advancements are poised to redefine the digital architectures of future combat vehicles.


The development of the NumCo digital twin demonstrator will follow an incremental and agile approach over two years, with subsequent refinement based on data collected from 20 instrumented VBCI vehicles. The experimentation may further extend to an additional batch of 20 VBCI vehicles.


As part of the experimentation process, several Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) sensors will be deployed on physical vehicles to gather extensive data. This data will be analyzed and translated into digital models and virtual representations, forming the foundation of the digital twin. Predictive algorithms will be employed to assess the lifespan of mechanical components, anticipate potential breakdowns, and optimize maintenance operations for each vehicle.


Ultimately, the NumCo digital twin technology is expected to play a central role in KNDS’s and ARQUUS’s offerings for the modernization of maintenance practices across the Army’s vehicle fleets, ushering in a new era of efficiency and effectiveness.




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