Effective Protection Against Aerial Threats: Skyranger 30 Achieves Milestone

Rheinmetall’s cutting-edge mobile air defense system, the Skyranger 30, has achieved a significant milestone on its journey towards series production. In December 2023, the A1 configuration of the Skyranger 30 underwent rigorous testing and a successful live-fire campaign at Rheinmetall’s Ochsenboden proving ground in Switzerland. The testing evaluated the system’s performance in both stationary and mobile modes.


The Skyranger 30 A1 serves as a development testbed, playing a crucial role in paving the way for the total system qualification of the Skyranger 30 A3, expected in mid-2024. The A1’s flexible design allows efficient testing and optimization of various customer variants, accommodating different radars and effectors. With the Skyranger 30 set to be adopted by several European user nations in the near future, this flexibility is a significant advantage.


In December 2023, Hungary, a NATO and EU member state, entered into a contract with Rheinmetall to develop a concept for a Skyranger 30 turret for the Lynx KF41 tracked armored vehicle’s future air defense variant. Additionally, Denmark and Germany have plans to procure the Skyranger 30, with the system mounted on different wheeled armored vehicles.


The heart of the Skyranger 30 is the powerful 30mmx173 KCE revolver cannon, showcasing immense firepower and precision even under adverse weather conditions. The upcoming Skyranger 30 A3 is designed to effectively counter current and future aerial threats, including drones, allowing ground troops to focus on their primary mission.


The well-designed array of ordnance, high mobility, and state-of-the-art sensors in the Skyranger 30 enable both autonomous and networked operation. Furthermore, the turret’s compact design facilitates integration into a wide range of manned and unmanned platforms, such as Rheinmetall’s 8×8 Boxer wheeled armored vehicle. In essence, the Skyranger 30 fills a critical worldwide capability gap in mobile air defense.



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