Data Patterns Inks Strategic ToT Agreement With IN-SPACe

Data Patterns (India) Limited, a vertically integrated Defence and Aerospace electronics solutions provider, has entered into a Licensing and Transfer of Technology (ToT) agreement with IN-SPACe, an independent agency within the Department of Space. This collaboration will grant Data Patterns access to miniature Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) capability.


The technology was developed at the Space Applications Centre (SAC) by ISRO and is a precursor to ISRO’s upcoming high-resolution SAR satellite, the NISAR. It has been made available for ToT to the industry by IN-SPACe.


Mr. G. Kuppuswamy, Vice President of Data Patterns (India) Limited, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. He highlighted that this technology will empower Data Patterns in the development of SAR radar, complementing the extensive radar portfolio already offered by the company. Additionally, Data Patterns plans to enhance this technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for object detection and classification. This collaboration is a significant step towards more effective utilization of India’s space resources and the expansion of space-based activities.


With the Indian space ecosystem and economy experiencing notable shifts due to policy changes initiated by the Government of India, both Data Patterns and IN-SPACe are poised to leverage their knowledge, expertise, and skills to capitalize on emerging opportunities.



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