BrahMos Missile Checkout Equipment Unveiled at Data Patterns

CEO & MD, BrahMos Aerospace, Atul Dinkar Rane unveiled the 27th BrahMos Missile Checkout Equipment by Data Patterns (India) at the company’s facility in Chennai. The equipment is ready for delivery.

Commenting on the launch, Chairman & Managing Director, Data Patterns (India) Limited, Srinivasagopalan Rangarajan said, “We are delighted to unveil the 27th BrahMos Missile Checkout Equipment that is ready for delivery and a privilege to have the BrahMos Chief Shri Atul Dinkar Rane to do the honours. BrahMos is an important customer of Data Patterns. We have always delivered all their requirements on schedule, maintained the quality standards, and provided maintenance support consistently exceeding the uptime requirements. Indigenous development of the COE by Data Patterns has resulted in a direct cost savings of about 75 percent in foreign exchange for BrahMos.”

Data Patterns has designed and built the BrahMos Missile Checkout Equipment based on the requirements and support of DRDO and BrahMos Aerospace. This unit validates the complete performance of the missile through interfacing with its umbilical and maintenance connections. The shelter mounted checkout equipment is utilised to test the articles on the field during its life cycle, thus ensuring readiness for launch on demand.

Checkout Equipment (COE) for BrahMos Missile is a VME based three Bay test system used to check the health and functionality of the electrical sub-systems of Brahmos Missile. The test system consists of three major subsystems. The first subsystem is the main processor unit which is used for the Man Machine Interface (MMI) such as keyboard, joystick, printer, monitor and external interface for storage media. The second is an Input Output Subsystem which interfaces with the missile for carrying out the test. The third is dedicated to self-control and self-test. The COE is designed for transportability.

“The COE has been deployed by all the three armed forces at multiple locations across India today. We are delighted to see Data Patterns, an Indian Company leading the way in this industry. On behalf of the entire BrahMos team, I take this opportunity to commend them for having delivered mission critical systems on all the programs that they have partnered with us on time. We are proud to be associated with Data Patterns and look forward to a long-standing collaboration,” added Atul Dinkar Rane.



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