Boeing Research and Technology Presence in India Marks 10th Anniversary

BR&T-India has been pursuing R&D in areas of aerodynamics, structures, materials, manufacturing, communication networks and artificial intelligence.

Boeing marks the 10th anniversary of its research and technology presence in India. Boeing Research & Technology-India is playing an important role in Boeing’s technological advancement. The centre, in addition to building internal capabilities, has also been working closely with Indian R&D organizations, driving innovation and contributing to the aviation industry.

Using home-grown Indian technical talent, Boeing Research & Technology-India (BR&T-India) has been pursuing research and development in areas of aerodynamics, structures, materials, manufacturing, communication networks and artificial intelligence. Its researchers and engineers partner with Indian academic and research organizations such as Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Indian Institutes of Technology, to create value through high quality engineering, advancing aerospace technology, and creating digital solutions.

“Celebrating 10 years of BR&T-India is an exciting milestone that signals the importance of Boeing’s partnership with the Indian aerospace, ecosystem,” said president of Boeing India, Salil Gupte. “BR&T India is building and enhancing the aerospace capability in the country by bringing the best of Boeing to India and the best of India to Boeing.”

Boeing Research & Technology-India is leading a solid foundation of collaborative research projects in India. The team has set up labs for manufacturing & materials and value engineering. In these labs, scientist and engineers work to improve the design, materials and manufacturability of aircraft parts, in order to make them more reliable and create opportunity for sourcing them from Indian manufacturers.

Over the past ten years, Boeing Research & Technology-India has delivered commercially viable solutions for Airplane Health Management (AHM) and Air Traffic Management (ATM). Its ATM experts are currently working with Airports Authority of India to develop a roadmap for modernisation of air traffic management in the country. Today, the research centre is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve quality of wide body airplanes that Boeing delivers. Using Internet-of-Things (IOT) technologies, its engineers are finding ways to improve passenger experience during air travel.

“The BR&T-India team continues our legacy of creating and collaborating with research and development partners in India to provide innovative solutions to the aerospace industry’s toughest challenges,” said vice president and general manager of Boeing Research & Technology, Naveed Hussain. “What started as a four-employee venture in 2009, today has grown to a team of over 100 researchers, delivering innovative technical solutions and collaborative research projects in India. BR&T-India has also been influential in the launch of the Boeing India Engineering and Technology Centre, which is a testament to Boeing’s long term commitment to India.”


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