Boeing Predicts High Demand for Aviation Personnel in Next Two Decades

Boeing, a prominent aerospace company, has released its 2023 Pilot and Technician Outlook (PTO), forecasting a robust demand for aviation professionals in the next 20 years. With the global commercial airplane fleet expected to double by 2042, the industry is estimated to require 2.3 million new aviation personnel to support the growing commercial fleet and accommodate the increasing air travel demands.


The PTO highlights the following projections for commercial carriers through 2042:

649,000 pilots

690,000 maintenance technicians

938,000 cabin crew members

The recovery of domestic air travel and a surge in international traffic have contributed to the escalating demand for aviation personnel. Chris Broom, Vice President of Commercial Training Solutions at Boeing Global Services, emphasizes that competency-based training and assessment offerings will ensure high-quality training for current and future aviation professionals, contributing to aviation safety through immersive and virtual training solutions.


Boeing’s forecast reveals that China, Eurasia, and North America will drive over half of the demand for new aviation personnel, with China surpassing North America in requirements. Additionally, the regions with the fastest-growing personnel demands are Africa, Southeast Asia, and South Asia, where regional demands are expected to nearly double.


Boeing’s comprehensive forecast includes estimates for new pilots, technicians, and cabin crew in various regions:


Region New Pilots        New Technicians                      New Cabin Crew

Global 649,000                     690,000                                     938,000

Africa 21,000                        22,000                                        26,000

China 134,000                      138,000                                    161,000

Eurasia 143,000                   156,000                                       235,000

Latin America 38,000          41,000                                         49,000

Middle East 58,000              58,000                                         99,000

North America 127,000       125,000                                      177,000

Northeast Asia 23,000         28,000                                           39,000

Oceania 10,000                      11,000                                           18,000

South Asia 37,000                  38,000                                           45,000

Southeast Asia 58,000         73,000                                            89,000


As Boeing remains a leading global aerospace company, its diverse team is dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and upholding core values of safety, quality, and integrity. The company is committed to advancing economic opportunity, sustainability, and community impact, leveraging a global supplier base and contributing to a purpose-driven future. To join the team and explore career opportunities, visit



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