Boeing Initiates Production of AH-64E Apaches for Indian Army in Arizona

Boeing [NYSE: BA] has initiated the production of the Indian Army’s Apaches in Mesa, Arizona. The company is set to deliver a total of six AH-64E Apaches, meeting the specific requirements of the Indian Army.


Earlier this year, Tata Boeing Aerospace Limited (TBAL) accomplished a significant milestone by delivering the initial AH-64 Apache fuselage for the Indian Army from its advanced facility in Hyderabad, India.


President of Boeing India, Salil Gupte said, “We are delighted to achieve another important milestone, which underscores Boeing’s unwavering dedication to bolstering India’s defense capabilities. The advanced technology and proven performance of the AH-64 will enhance the Indian Army’s operational readiness and strengthen its overall defense capabilities.”


In the year 2020, Boeing successfully completed the delivery of 22 E-model Apaches for the Indian Air Force and subsequently entered into a contract to manufacture six AH-64Es for the Indian Army. The delivery of the Apaches for the Indian Army is anticipated to take place in 2024.


Christina Upah, Vice President of Attack Helicopter Programs and Senior Boeing Mesa Site Executive, emphasized, “The AH-64E remains the premier attack helicopter globally. It offers unmatched lethality and survivability to customers, and we are thrilled to provide these capabilities to the Indian Army.”



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