Airbus to Team Up with Startups for Innovation Around FCAS

The company launches innovation initiative around FCAS to make European Defence ready for the Future, to host special pitching sessions at Paris Air Show

Airbus has announced plans to closely cooperate with innovative technology players like start-ups, SMEs and research institutes especially in the software domain. By teaming up with innovative players, Airbus continues to unlock new ideas, technologies and research for Future Combat Air System (FCAS), the largest and most ambitious development in European military aviation. Over the course of Paris Air Show 2019, Airbus will host special pitching sessions for selected European startups, which will be organised by Starburst.

“Artificial intelligence, data analytics and cyber security have become an integral part of defence and will be paramount for FCAS. By cooperating with innovative players like start-ups, research institutes and others, we can make sure that we are at the cutting edge of development and bring fresh ideas and approaches to the table. This is a great example of how much we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible for major industry projects,” head of FCAS at Airbus, Bruno Fichefeux, said.

Airbus has also begun scouting for suitable partners making use of its internal initiatives such as Airbus BizLab and Airbus Ventures. This dedicated initiative complements the development model for FCAS and demonstrates Airbus’ position as an innovation leader in the defence domain.


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