The French Procurement Agency Supports the Development of KATANA® 155mm High Precision Ammunition

The French procurement agency (DGA) has notified a contract to KNDS France to support the development of the KATANA® high-precision guided ammunition. This 155mm ammunition, which uses the latest guidance technology to ensure accuracy within a few meters, will be available for sale within the next two years. The French Land Armament Association (AAT) has awarded the KATANA® team from KNDS France the Chanson prize, recognizing significant progress in the field of land armament.

France’s First High-Precision Guided Ammunition

The DGA has awarded a contract to support the development of the KATANA® guided ammunition, initiated by KNDS France. KATANA® addresses the pressing need for high-precision artillery ammunition in both low and high-intensity warfare, minimizing collateral damage in urban areas and effectively targeting high-value assets such as artillery systems, radars, and command posts. The KATANA® guided ammunition offers unparalleled accuracy and target neutralization capabilities in Europe. KNDS France is expanding its product range, becoming one of the few manufacturers to master all existing types of artillery ammunition.

Modular Design and Technological Integration

The modular design of KATANA® allows it to evolve and integrate new technologies as they become available, particularly for use in GNSS-denied environments. Its modularity also enables the integration of local components as part of a production transfer, facilitating export opportunities.

Essential Capabilities for Future Warfare

During recent firing campaigns, KATANA® demonstrated accuracy within a few meters, thanks to a global navigation satellite system coupled with an inertial unit. With the support of the DGA, evaluation of the ammunition’s resistance to various forms of jamming began in 2024. The ammunition is armed with a multi-mode fuse that modulates terminal effects based on the target and its level of protection. These capabilities require high-performance electronics designed to withstand extreme acceleration and shock.

KATANA® can be fired at full charge, achieving the maximum range of a 155mm 52-calibre gun like the CAESAR. Additionally, KATANA® is not a sub-calibre ammunition, ensuring significant terminal effects due to its powerful warhead. Currently at the demonstrator level (TRL6), KATANA® will be available for sale within the next two years.



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