Thales Delivered Helicopter Upgrades to the Swiss Air Force

Thales has delivered upgrades to the Full Flight and Mission Simulators (FFMS) AS532 Super-Puma (TH06) transport helicopters and multi-purpose twin-engined EC635 military helicopter of the Swiss Air Force. This standardisation contract which has been notified to Thales on September 2016, was delivered on schedule, meeting all customer requirements and providing complete satisfaction to the pilots.

The standardisation of the Full Flight and Mission Simulator AS532 Super-Puma included upgrading the avionics system, radio-communications, digital map, forward-looking infrared imagery and the visualisation helmet. On the EC635 helicopter simulator, upgrades mainly consisted of enhancements to the Instructor Operating Station (IOS). All of these updates and functional improvements were delivered to the Swiss Air Force, on schedule, in September, 2017.

“We are very satisfied with the upgrades and new functionalities introduced by Thales to our full flight simulators. These upgrades are necessary to bring the simulators up to current standards, especially for the AS532 Super-Puma. Our pilots can now train in a virtual environment that matches the real helicopter that they are currently flying. We are happy and satisfied with the upgrades,” said Program Manager at armasuisse, Yanik Varley.


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