Kelvin Hughes Launches New ECDIS

Kelvin Hughes announced the launch of its latest Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) which is type approved to meet the latest International Hydrographic Office (IHO) and International Maritime Organisation (IMO) standards.

Designed for both commercial ships and naval and coastguard patrol vessels, the new ECDIS offers an optional mil-spec processor with advanced LED display hardware in a fully integrated, easy to install and retrofit, console package. It is available as a standalone ECDIS or as part of a truly multifunction bridge display network with multiple operator positions.

The ECDIS uses the latest IHO standards and specifically the latest presentation library, version 4 within S-52. This contains instructions for the drawing engine within the ECDIS on how to display symbols, colours and line styles on the screen and brings greater consistency to the display of ENC data while reducing alarm fatigue.

The Kelvin Hughes ECDIS also offers marker and depth areas relevant to the ships course at an adjustable time period and also notifies if the anchor may be dragging and exceeds the new IEC 61174 standard. ECDIS also removes the need to print messages as they can now be displayed on screen and automatically selects the best chart viewing scale.

The state of the art LED widescreen display is available in 22 inch and 26 inch sizes and is an easy to install console display with an integrated 5th generation processor and 64bit operating system which can be easily integrated into any bridge or operations room.


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