Israel-based RADA announces USD 5 million in radar orders

The Israel-based defence electronics contractor, RADA Electronic Industries Ltd., has announced USD 5 million in radar orders from leading defence organisations in the recent weeks.

The orders were for software-defined radars for counter rocket artillery and mortar (C-RAM) and counter UAV and short-range air defence (SHORAD). According to RADA, the orders will be completed by 2018 itself.

Commenting on the significance of the developments, RADA CEO, Dov Sella, said, “The market for our tactical radars is new and very much in the emerging phase, and the early orders we have sold in the past year across our customer base present significant potential for follow-on orders in the near future.”

Besides being known for development, production and sale of tactical land radar for force and border protection, the Israeli company specialises in advanced pulse-doppler, multi-mission, AESA radars for tactical applications. These software-defined radars introduce hemispheric spatial coverage.


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