Interview | President, United Aircraft Corporation, Yury Slyusar

‘In Time UAC Will Become a Single Window For all Aftersales Support Activities for all Aviation Platforms Developed and Manufactured in Russia’

What is the update on FGFA?

We, together with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), are working on this project within the framework of an intergovernmental agreement. The first stage of work on the fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) project - development of the preliminary technical design of the new aircraft - has been successfully completed. The volume of experimental design work has been agreed upon. The R&D contract is also agreed. We are waiting for the final decision on the part of the Indian side.

As you have seen at this year’s MAKS airshow, where our meeting is taking place, the Russian prototypes of the fifth generation fighters are becoming more and more capable – we are showing for the first time a simulated dogfight between two PAK FA prototypes. The tests are progressing steadily and we are close to finishing the first stage of trials of these fighters by the Russian Air Force.


What is the update on arrangement with HAL for performance-based logistics for Sukhoi aircraft’s better operational availability? Will this be the whole aircraft, including the engine and the airframe?

We are also working together with HAL on this issue. What we are trying to achieve is for both companies to have a single ‘window’ for spare parts and services ordering and provision. This will streamline the process and make it faster. Our ultimate goal is to make UAC a single window for all aftersales support activities for all aviation platforms developed and manufactured in Russia.

In addition, the results of the work of the established tri-party working group are already showing – the level of aircraft availability is improving. We are also working on increasing the effectiveness of our bilateral intergovernmental commission.


Is the MiG-35 today available with the Phazotron Zhuk-AE AESA-MMR along with RD-33MK engines?

The MiG-35 is a versatile and well-established platform that can be expanded and equipped with different options both for the power-plant and the radar. The choice is on the customer whether it needs a more advanced aircraft or, on the contrary, if there is no need for top of line equipment – thrust vectoring engines and/or AESA radar, the choice can be made in favour of less advanced and more affordable equipment.

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