Indian Naval Ship Tabar Visits Alexandria, Egypt as Part of Operational Deployment

The Indian Navy’s advanced frigate, INS Tabar arrived at the historic port city of Alexandria, Egypt, as part of its ongoing deployment to Africa and Europe. The visit, scheduled from 27-30 June 2024, marked a significant milestone in India-Egypt bilateral relations, highlighting the countries’ longstanding cultural ties and expanding cooperation, particularly in defence and maritime security.

INS Tabar, a stealth frigate constructed in Russia and operated by the Indian Navy under the Western Fleet’s Western Naval Command based in Mumbai, is under the command of Captain MR Harish and carries a crew of 280 personnel. Known for its versatility, the frigate is equipped with advanced weaponry and sensors, making it a pivotal asset in the Indian Navy’s fleet of stealth frigates.

During its stay in Alexandria, INS Tabar’s crew engaged in a series of professional exchanges with their counterparts in the Egyptian Navy, complemented by social engagements to foster mutual understanding and camaraderie. The highlight of the visit will be a Passage Exercise (PASSEX) at sea, aimed at enhancing operational coordination and interoperability between the two navies. These joint activities are designed to strengthen shared maritime security protocols and prepare for combined operations against common maritime threats.

“This visit underscores India’s commitment to deepening maritime cooperation with Egypt,” said Captain MR Harish, emphasising the importance of such exchanges in bolstering regional stability and security. The visit of INS Tabar to Alexandria mareds another chapter in the growing strategic partnership between India and Egypt, reinforcing mutual trust and cooperation across various domains.



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