Indian Defence University Holds Workshop on ‘Ideas for Sustainability’

Indian Defence University (IDU) held a two-day workshop on ‘Ideas for Sustainability’ for senior and middle level officers from the three Services, on December 13.

This workshop is third in the series. Prior to this, a Capsule on Defence Acquisition Management process was conducted involving experts from the fields for Acquisition/Procurement at Service Headquarters/Command/Corps Headquarters from May 16 to 18, 2018 in New Delhi.

The capsule was followed by a workshop on Artificial Intelligence and its Military application. A total strength of 80 officers, including selected senior and middle level officers from Services HQs, HQ IDS and training institutions involved in policy formulation on AI & its implementation framework had attended the workshop.

The workshop being held on December 13-14 intends discuss how to build robustness in systems and processes to achieve sustainability within the organisation and their ecosystem. Ideas and solutions to address the challenges to sustainability are to be mooted. Strategy will be discussed to formulate and improve new programmes and initiatives that will contribute to build more sustainable Defence Services Organisations that are relevant and ready for the future.

The workshop commenced with the welcome address by Deputy Chief of Headquarters Integrated Defence Staff Lt Gen PJS Pannu followed by keynote address by Chief of Integrated Defence Staff Lt Gen PS Rajeshwar.

These initiatives by IDU, touching niche areas i.e., Acquisition, Artificial Intelligence, and Sustainability etc. are excellent steps in the right direction to set the path for this University to be of a world class standard. This would also facilitate establishing linkages with the renowned Institutions / Universities.


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