IAI and Tomer to Jointly Work on Rocket Propulsion and Innovative Missiles Rocket Engines

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Tomer, an Israeli-government-owned company producing rocket propulsion systems have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). As part of the MoU, the two companies will expand their existing synergy in the fields of propulsion for rockets and missile development. The MoU includes investment in joint projects, mutual R&D and establishing infrastructure for the companies’ respective R&D departments for the benefit of developing future, advanced technologies in the field of rocket propulsion and innovative rocket motors, at a higher quality and faster than in the past.

President and CEO of IAI, Boaz Levy, “Cooperation between Tomer and IAI over the years has advanced the State of Israel and the defense establishment in the fields of propulsion and missilery, and led to groundbreaking innovation and capabilities. This agreement highlights the importance both companies see in joint development leading to new, advanced capabilities, supporting the growth of both companies.”

CEO of Tomer, Mordi Ben Ami “IAI is a central client of Tomer. The new MoU will boost R&D capabilities and will propel IAI’s R&D capabilities to the forefront of global technology.”



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