IAI and Carbyne Introduce ‘911 Ultra-EN’

Carbyne and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), through its Group Division ELTA Systems, are introducing the Ultra Emergency Network – 911 Ultra-EN, enabling first responders and civilians in blackout and disaster areas to stay connected. The Ultra Emergency Network allows responsible government agencies to overcome communication breakdown by immediately deploying next-generation 911 services. During large scale crises that cause operational failures in communications networks, 911 Ultra-EN provides mobile phone subscribers with network coverage to access rescue services and provide their own location. IAI and Carbyne co-developed the 911 Ultra-EN as an innovative solution that activates an instant alternative private cloud-based cellular network to reconnect users in disaster zones with emergency service accessibility, as well as wideband data communications, when it matters most.

IAI-ELTA VP and GM Intelligence, Communications and EW Division, Adi Dulberg, “This development – made possible through close collaboration between IAI and Carbyne – enables a timely emergency response in any circumstance imaginable. The public can now feel confident in the ability to stay connected at all times, more important now than ever before.”

CEO And Founder of Carbyne, Amir Elichai, “Time is the greatest asset in any emergency situation, and lives lost are the price we pay when emergency response communications are interrupted. It is not inevitable to lose network connectivity during large scale disastrous conditions. Sometimes governments do not plan for these scenarios. But, they happen all around us. And when they do, the availability of an autonomous network is critical.”



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