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SAM System ТОR-М2КМ is capable to destroy air targets while moving with the speed of 40 km/h

The SAM system ТОR-М2КМ (manufactured by the Almaz-Antey ASD Corporation) is the mass production unit; it is in service of the Russian Army and is ready for delivery to our foreign partners. The Almaz-Antey ASD Corporation together with the Indian company ТАТА designed a wheeled version of the SAM system specially for India and there has already been several models manufactured. One of these vehicles was demonstrated at the DefExpo–2014 exhibition in Delhi.

Almaz-Antey TOR-M2KM

In the same SAM system class there is the Israeli system Spyder as well as the Swedish system Bamse, for example. There are significant differences between them and our system Тоr-М2КМ. Let us give only two of them.

The first difference: ТОR-М2КМ has 8 missiles in one common launcher. The competitors’ systems have only 4 missiles each. Battery of the SAM system ТОR-М2КМ has 4 launchers with 32 missiles, compared to competitors’ 6 launchers with 24 missiles. Thus, efficiency of one TOR battery is 25 per cent higher than that of competitors. Furthermore, the TOR system ensures guaranteed destruction of one target by one missile; the competitors are capable to do it only with two missiles.

The second difference: The ТОR-М2КМ system is the only one that is capable to lock and destroy targets while moving with the speed of more than 40 km/h (average speed of a combat convoy on the move). The systems of our competitors are stationary and fixed and require a lot of time to perform deployment and mutual survey control that turns out to be a significant disadvantage in combat conditions and makes it impossible to ensure defence of the combat convoy on the move. Within the deployment time the competitors’ systems cannot protect themselves and can be destroyed completely by the enemy.

In real combat operation, the enemy won’t be so kind as to give some time for reloading! The SAM system ТОR-М2КМ is the only system that is capable to protect crucial state, military and industrial objects, prevent military equipment from destruction and keep many Indian soldiers and officers alive.

The given information, though its amount is pretty small, indicates that the SAM system ТОR-М2КМ is at least 2 times more effective than the competitors’ systems. As for the price value, the SAM system ТОR-М2КМ can be compared with two competitors’ systems. Also, maintenance of the ТОR system requires much less personnel than the competitors’ systems.



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