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Dual Band Fire Control Radar (LT ADR-DB) by Larsen & Toubro


Fire Control Radar at DefExpo 2020Larsen & Toubro is a multi-billion-dollar Indian multinational engaged in technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services. It is India’s leading private sector company for the development and supply of Defence Equipment and Systems—with over 30 years of experience in the field.

L&T has developed multiple Fire Control Systems as well as Radar Systems specifically targeting Air Defence Applications, besides L&T’s track records of development & supply of Precision Monopulse Tracking Radars for tracking satellite launch vehicle and Dual Band ship borne tracking & telemetry system for strategic application.

With its Dual Band Fire Control Radar, L&T has successfully developed an indigenous solution for short range air defence which works in a highly hostile Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) environment. It is the only dual-band Fire Control Radar of its kind developed in India and has significant advantages over the available solutions.

L&T’s high precision Fire Control Radar would provide timely warnings and fire control solutions against drone attacks that have been seen by the world in recent times. L&T’s FCR has the capability to accurately track small drones, UAVs, fighter planes, helicopters, para mortars, paragliders and missiles and helps generate a precision fire control solution to enable the Air Defence Guns and Missiles to engage targets with the highest hit probability thus safeguarding National and critical Assets.

L&T’s Dual Band FCR offers advantage of fast acquisition of targets with a broader beam and precise tracking with a narrower beam. Extremely narrow tracking beam helps FCR to track targets at very low altitude.

FCR can track targets moving at a speed of up to 1000 meters per second during day and night conditions. The FCR can be offered in multiple configurations with ranges from 20 Kms to 70 Kms for an airborne target. Product variants with longer ranges can also be offered.

The FCR can be offered in both land and naval variants which are suitable for installation on multiple platforms including 4×4 vehicles and ships.

There is a significant requirement for such dual band FCRs as the Make-II program for Air Defence Fire Control Radar is on. There is a long standing need to upgrade the legacy air defence systems of Indian Army. A Naval variant of the FCR would serve the needs of Indian Navy to upgrade multiple platforms. On the Export front, South-East Asian and Gulf Nations have requirements for both land and naval application.

In a complete conformance to Make-in-India and Design-in-India, all critical technologies in the FCR are owned by L&T and realized indigenously. Uninterrupted and efficient product support is therefore assured for the lifetime of the equipment. On par with range of L&Ts indigenously developed products, systems and solutions, L&T offers better obsolescence management and future upgrades since the IP is held by L&T.




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