BEL and CSIR-NAL sign a TCA for developing shooting aid for the armed forces

The ETS shooting aid is a technically superior solution for Police, Paramilitary and Defence personnel looking at acquiring sharp shooting skills

A Technical Collaboration Agreement (TCA) has been signed between Navratna Defence PSU Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) and CSIR-NAL for the design and engineering, production and commercialisation of Electronic Target System (ETS), a modern training aid meant for enhancing marksmanship of Defence and Paramilitary forces during live firing exercises on the field.

This heralds a new beginning in the ties between BEL and CSIR labs for developing products targeting niche market segments. The agreement was signed by Director (Marketing), BEL, Anandi Ramalingam and Director (CSIR-NAL), Jitendra J Jhadav, in the presence of Chairman & Managing Director, BEL, Gowtama M V and other senior officers of BEL and CSIR-NAL, at BEL-Corporate Office in Bengaluru on 14 August 2018.

ETS, designed by CSIR-NAL, is a technically superior and cost-effective solution for Police, Paramilitary and Defence personnel looking at acquiring sharp shooting skills in small fire arms as well as honing their proficiency in tactical field firing. With this technology, BEL is targeting a market of about 1500 lanes.

Currently, after a shot is fired, the shooter is unable to instantly gauge if he has hit or missed the target and by what margin and needs to move near the target to examine the results. The ETS helps in instantly providing the hit location through a display, positioned beside him.

Two technologies have been developed by CSIR-NAL for the Electronic Target System — Detection and Hit Visualisation using Acoustic N-wave Identification (DHVANI) and Acoustic Based Hit Identification and Analysis System (ABHIAS) — using which the shooter can instantly see, after each shot, the result on an electronic display placed nearby. This enables the shooter to constantly self-monitor his progress and take remedial steps to improve his accuracy.


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