Arquus Signs Contract with Barzan Holdings to Modernize 54 VABs in Qatar

Arquus proudly announces a new contract with Barzan Holdings, marking a significant step in their industrial collaboration. Today, at Eurosatory, Barzan Holdings joins Arquus at booth Hall 5a – F127 to formalise the agreement for the modernization of 54 VABs in Qatar.


The Qatar Armed Forces originally acquired VAB Mk1 vehicles in 1982, supported continuously by Arquus since then. In 2018, Qatar decided to extend the operational life of these vehicles and contracted Arquus for their modernisation. This extensive program encompasses not only the modernisation and retrofitting of the vehicles but also includes repair activities and the training of both industrial and military personnel in France and Qatar.


The initial phase involves the modernisation of VABs in France, with plans underway to establish a production line at a military base in Qatar. Currently, 126 vehicles have been successfully modernised as part of this ongoing initiative.


Arquus takes pride in being the first French defence company to localise military vehicle production in Qatar, marking a significant achievement for both Arquus and the Qatari Armed Forces.


In July 2023, Sébastien Lecornu, the French Minister of the Armed Forces, visited the VAB assembly line in Qatar, underscoring the potential for local production of armoured vehicles.


During the same year, Arquus fulfilled a contract with Barzan Holdings, which included a comprehensive training program. This initiative involved the training of 25 Qatari cadets over six months in France, focusing on the maintenance of modernized VABs. The successful completion of this training program resulted in the graduation of future maintenance officers, highlighting Arquus’ commitment to capacity building and knowledge transfer.


This contract signifies a deepening of ties between Arquus and Barzan Holdings, reflecting their shared dedication to enhancing Qatar’s defence capabilities through advanced technology and local expertise.

Arquus Signs Contract with Barzan Holdings to Modernize 54 VABs in Qatar



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