Will set up facilities if India assures Russian spares will be purchased: Rostec

India should assure Russian companies of purchasing their spares.

Viktor N Kladov, director for international cooperation and regional policy, Rostec, has told an Indian news agency that India should assure Russian companies of purchasing their spares and not opt for cheaper spares from other countries.

Kladov said that, “India has bought a lot of Soviet and Russian made defence equipment and a bulk of these equipment requires modernisation, upgrade and repair and this can be done in the country (India). The way to address this problem is to set up facilities with our partners. We also need assurance from the Indian side that their products will be used by the end user.”

He hoped that India would ensure that very sophisticated defence equipment should be addressed in a specific workshop and licensed parts and spares should be used, and technology of repair should be controlled by the manufacturer and the chief designer of the products.

He further commented that Russian Helicopters may begin a pilot project to create ‘one window’ for simplification of all work in India.


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