Sailing With the Tide
 India must revamp its shipbuilding industry to regain its position as a maritime power

It has been an accepted fact in history that economic growth and indigenous shipbuilding are closely linked for any country aspiring to uncontested supremacy in economic growth. With over 80 per cent of world trade being moved by sea, and European manufacturing costs moving upwards, there has been a sudden and conspicuous shift in shipbuilding activity to Asia.

Shipbuilding has been a coveted skill for ages, always driven by the need for self-sufficiency in the means of trade. It has been an accepted fact that maritime countries seek the fastest route to self-reliance in shipbuilding so that their commerce is transported in 'owned bottoms'. The reasons are that possessing a shipbuilding capability guarantees security against supply/price disruptions and generates unprecedented avenues for economic activity with creation of down-stream ancillary industry. Apart from the obvious spin off in employment generation, this is one industry which inspires creation of newer technologies through innovation.

INS Kochi in the wet basin at MDL

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