Honeywell and SmartSky Boost Connectivity to North American Airlines Using 5G Tech

New agreement with SmartSky provides Honeywell customers with the best and most extensive inflight connectivity services, says the company

Honeywell has been selected as an authorised value-added reseller for SmartSky Networks’ air-to-ground services leveraging 5G technologies for North American airline operators. By becoming an authorised reseller, Honeywell extends its inflight connectivity (IFC) services for airlines.

The new air-to-ground connectivity from SmartSky provides Honeywell customers with another option for internet connectivity that delivers a user experience similar to that found at home. Honeywell is also a provider of Inmarsat’s GX Aviation via satellite, which is powered by Honeywell’s JetWave™ hardware. Additionally, Honeywell offers safety solutions that provide direct data link communications between pilots and air traffic controllers via L-band satellite networks.

“Honeywell brings a world-class approach to the market and we are excited to partner with them, further diversifying the cost, speed and capacity of the broader range of services they support for airlines throughout North America,” said president, SmartSky Networks, Ryan Stone. “Honeywell’s leading portfolio of connectivity solutions will permit airlines to balance their capital investment with passenger needs,” he added.

SmartSky’s air-to-ground network leverages 5G technologies to provide a reliable, secure and affordable IFC solution for airlines that want full-functioning inflight connectivity for their regional aircraft.

“This expands the suite of connectivity services we offer airlines operating routes throughout North America,” said vice president and general manager, Software and Services, Honeywell Connected Enterprise, Honeywell Aerospace, John Peterson.

“Our agreement with SmartSky strengthens our expansive and diverse global connectivity solutions portfolio, including JetWave, and permits airlines to offer the best connectivity options to meet passenger needs.”

According to the company, the SmartSky network delivers a secure, low-latency signal to every aircraft in the network, ensuring high performance regardless of network loading. Each beam communicates with just one aircraft at a time, compared with similar offerings that share beams among several aircraft. In the cabin, passengers will experience inflight connectivity similar to that of their ground-based office solutions. This level of service allows passengers to make their time in the air as productive as possible. That could include running cloud-based applications, connecting via virtual private networks, conducting significant data transfers, surfing the web or streaming videos.


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