First Person | Ghazala Wahab

Public Display of Patriotism (November 2017)
Forced sense of nationalism doesn’t help anyone

No Global Terrorism (October 2017)
The sooner we realise this, faster we will be able to address our problems

National Pride (August 2017)
When love for the country means being a card-carrying nationalist

Different Voices (July 2017)
Sectarian violence should be counted as one of the risks to businesses

No End in Sight (June 2017)
The State needs an empathetic outlook towards the people caught between the Maoists and the security forces

More Deaths in the Jungle (May 2017)
Without an effective policy, the war against the Maoists cannot be won

A Moment for Modi (April 2017)
Dreams of a chronic optimist

The Road Less Travelled (March 2017)
Comparison of the Indian Army with others reduces its accomplishments

War Got Dirtier (February 2017)
By increasing the role of the IAF in counter-Maoist operations, government is sending the wrong message

The Balance Sheet (January 2017)
The out-going chief of air staff ACM Arup Raha sums up his tenure in a press meet

The Idea of Secularism (November 2016)
The Supreme Court’s review of the Hindutva judgment raises hope for maintaining India’s diversity

Spot the Terrorist (October 2016)
While India laments international terrorism, the home-grown ones flourish

Self-Inflicted Wounds (September 2016)
Saeed Naqvi’s bold book could have been better had he touched upon the importance of reforms among the Muslims

Small Men, Big Claims (July 2016)
The recent Pampore tragedy exposed much more than our ill-preparedness

Public Work (March 2016)
Let this be the domain of public servants, not government officers

No One Size Fits All (February 2016)
The UN moves towards evolving a framework for global terrorism

Talk, Not Hector (December 2015)
Threats don’t work, nor does silence

A Truth Too Many (November 2015)
Lies and illogic have to be countered openly and publicly

Hit and Run (October 2015)
Raising the bar for what is acceptable as a secular democracy

Prejudice-Train (September 2015)
The enemy may be invisible but we know what he/she wears

Let’s Grow Apples (August 2015)
Settling ex-servicemen in Kashmir would endanger their lives instead of honouring it

The Roadmap Please (July 2015)
The Modi government needs to overhaul its approach to Kashmir

Image Management (June 2015)
The Prime Minister has been too busy cultivating his own image abroad to seriously look into internal challenges

Invest in the Khaki (May 2015)
As first responders to internal security, police must be professional and honourable

Old Threats, New Force (April 2015)
With multiple insurgencies in various stages of brewing, we need a new CI force

Winter Lingers On (March 2015)
The PDP-BJP alliance may have possibilities, but at the moment they look bleak

On the Same Side (February 2015)
Unless the army realises that the media is not an antagonist it will continue to miss the point about communication

Halved by Religion (January 2015)
The J&K elections have brought to life the once buried two-nation theory

Media Management (December 2014)
Intolerance of criticism is a major reason behind blacklisting some journalists who try to do their job objectively

Road to the Right (November 2014)
Indiscipline is never restricted to one part; it spills over in all aspects of one’s life

Conditions Apply (October 2014)
While Indian generosity was at its peaks during J&K flood relief, jingoism also raised its ugly head

Toilet Talk (September 2014)
If we haven’t lost the ancient learning of Ayurveda or yoga, how did we lose engineering skills?

Our Own Battles (August 2014)
Indians fighting in Iraq should be a wake-up call to the government

Engage, Not Alienate (July 2014)
If you don’t get the ideas right, you will get the policies wrong

Much Ado About Nothing (June 2014)
Article 370 is a non-issue and has nothing to do with the resolution of Kashmir issue

For India’s Sake (May 2014)
For a nation as vast as India, we need a leader who takes pride in its diversity

While We Were Busy (April 2014)
Maoists are now exploiting the virgin territories of Northeast India

No Room for Nostalgia (February 2014)
The reality of Kashmir is so harsh today that romanticism only makes it worse

It’s Only Words (January 2014)
In his second press meet as CNS, Admiral Joshi played it extremely safe

The Weak Links (December 2013)
Human resource is an important element for national security

Warts Within (November 2013)
If Muslims continue to wait for the government to do something for them, they will remain victims

Honour and Honesty (October 2013)
Among his various loose comments, has Gen. V.K. Singh also admitted to perjury?

Cost of Conflict (September 2013)
Vested interests across political-bureaucratic divide prevent resolution

The Right Lessons (July 2013)
Inter-uniform rivalry is alright, derision is not

United Effort (June 2013)
Each state cannot fight and win the war against Left-Wing Extremism

Centre of Gravity (May 2013)
LWE may not be making headlines, but it is still alive and kicking

Innocence at a Loss (April 2013)
Juvenile delinquents need a State that can adopt and mould them, not punish them

Collective Complicity (March 2013)
The government killed a terrorist but resurrected a martyr

Show Management (February 2013)
For the Aero India to be successful, private sector will have to play a bigger role

Young Force (January 2013)
Indian Army can engage with the Kashmiri youth, but only in a limited way

The Babri Monster (December 2009)
Let’s just bury it and move on

Talking With the Enemy (August 2006)
Why India cannot be like Israel

On Whose Side is God? (July 2006)
In an unjust war it is very difficult to tell

Age of Radicalism (June 2006)
The practice is more important than the text

Fight Among Equals (May 2006)
The government must stop arming civilians to fight the terrorists

Need to Think Again (April 2006)
Presence of democracy is no guarantee against terrorism

For God’s Sake (March 2006)
You cannot make a point about peace through violence

Democracy’s Devastating Dance (February 2006)
Elections are no antidote for terrorism

Issues of Image (January 2006)
Changes will have to come from within

Burden of Guilt (December 2005)
The motive of terrorists is always political than religious

Wahhabi, Deobandi or Barelvi? (November 2005)
In the age of global war on terror, get your religious nuances right