Dr Vivek Lall, Aerospace Expert, Named to a Key Federal Aviation Advisory Committee

The appointment is for a two year tenure.

Named to a key federal aviation advisory committee, Dr Vivek Lall will provide guidance to the US government on the future of airspace system.

The committee will be involved in investment priorities for the NextGen aerospace projects, capabilities deployment timing, equipage incentives, specific technologies, and deployments such as DataComm, National Airspace System performance metrics, and airspace design initiatives.

Currently, vice president, aeronautics strategy and business development at Lockheed Martin, Lall has been a key player working behind the curtains for the Indo-US defence deals worth USD 12 billion, including Boeing’s Chinook and Apache helicopters, and General Atomics Sea Guardian unarmed drones.

As chief executive at General Atomics, he was responsible for strategic development of systems like Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS).


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