The Resolute Black Cats

As NSG celebrates 33rd Raising Day, its Director General spells out what makes it a ‘world class zero error force’

Younis Ahmad Kaloo

Manesar: Two days before the festival of lights, people in Manesar (Haryana) got a different reason to celebrate. They came together to bear witness to the prowess of the National Security Guard (NSG) on its 33rd Raising Day.

As NSG celebrates 33rd Raising Day, its Director General spells out what makes it a ‘world class zero error force’

The day kicked off with Director General of National Security Guard (NSG), Sudhir Partap Singh welcoming the guests that included Vice President of India M. Venkaiah Naidu and Haryana’s education minister Ram Bilas Sharma. This was followed by paying tributes to the 19 NSG personnel who laid their lives in service of the nation.

Referring to the force’s success in the operations conducted so far and the appreciation received thereafter, the Director General said, “In 32 years, the NSG has built a strong and distinct image as a counter-terrorist strike force. Out of 116 operations, the special force has earned 53 gallantry awards including three Ashok Chakra, two Kirti Chakra, and four Shaurya Chakra”.

Singh also spoke about how the NSG is following a roadmap to fight terrorism with no room for mistakes.

“To fight the menace of terrorism, we need to be continuously ahead in techniques, tactics and strategies. In this direction, we have given the NSG a new vision and thinking to be a world class, zero error force, where there is no room for mistakes. To achieve this, we, as per a roadmap, are constantly increasing our operational capability and operational preparedness,” said the NSG Director General.

The NSG, post Mumbai terror attacks in 2008, has also established four regional hubs in four major cities of the country; these are Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. In 2016, one more of such hubs was established in Gandhinagar. These, according to Sudhir, are the comprehensive steps taken by the force to fight terror attacks with greater strength.

Acknowledging the importance of modern weaponry and equipment in a force like NSG and what it has to meet its operational requirements, the Director General said, “A commando force will only succeed if it is laden with latest weapons and equipments. Over the years, the NSG has procured different kinds of world class weapons and other assets. Also, the NSG commandos’ offensive capability, surveillance and communication have significantly increased. For example, for counter-terrorism operations we have got All Purpose High Intensity Vehicle (Sherpa) and for counter-hijack ones we have got MARS vehicles, night vision devices and sniper rifles”.

At the end of his address, Singh assured the nation that for a secure and strong India, the NSG will execute any operation anytime and anywhere swiftly and effectively.

In an hour-long demonstration of NSG’s operational capabilities, the force displayed how it will respond to different situations in the areas of their responsibility. One of them involved rescuing hostages and eliminating the enemy from a restaurant by slithering down from a helicopter and using Sherpa and other assault dogs. The Black Cat commandos also showed their agility using Parkour for free climbing and running. Going the extra mile, the force further exhibited their sky diving skills which are used to enter the enemy territory or the terrorist infested area.

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