Border Saga
DG, BSF’s last media interaction
By Dilip Kumar Mekala

DG U.K. Bansal, DG BSFIn an attempt to clamp down on illegal migration from Bangladesh, Border Security Force (BSF) stepped up its vigil in the eastern theatre. Addressing the annual press conference days ahead of his retirement, director general of the country’s premier border guarding force, Uthan Kumar Bansal expressed his satisfaction on their new initiatives. Apparently they had identified around 32 areas from where the maximum immigration took place, and stepped up their vigil in that region. “So far 32 border outpost (BOP) areas have been identified as grade-I for illegal migration and at the moment we are focusing on these areas,” said Bansal.

The issue of illegal migration was constantly raised in the wake of the conflict situation in lower Assam. “We increased our focus on the illegal immigration after the unfortunate incidents in Assam,” he said. “We also seek the cooperation of the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB). Together, we are able to arrive at an agreed list of places which are sensitive for BSF and BGB, and we decided to concentrate our resources in those areas,” he added.

According to BSF, vulnerable mapping of 182 BOPs in the eastern theatre was completed from the angle of illegal migration, human trafficking, Phensedyl smuggling, fake Indian currency notes (FICN) smuggling and cattle smuggling. Some 117 vulnerable patches were identified jointly by BSF and BGB for simultaneous coordinated patrol (SCP). “We are fairly satisfied with the arrangement we have enforced against illegal immigration,” he reiterated.

Talking about the western theatre, Bansal said that the security along the Indo-Pak border was tightened after the execution of Ajmal Kasab, who was convicted in the Mumbai attacks on 26 November 2008. “We did issue a direction that we should have maximum vigil on the (Indo-Pak) border. Though we do not have any accurate information of any possible attempts, we increased the vigilance along Jammu and the Punjab regions,” he said. The security along the border was significantly increased after Taliban threatened to strike the holy cities of Amritsar and Hyderabad.

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